The Big 34 List

Back again, my list of 34 things I hope to accomplish by next August 15th. Some are simple, some are finite, some are ongoing. Completed items have notes and are marked in color.

1. Write letters to artists I admire: SARK, Tomie dePaola, Paul McCartney (for starters).
2. Knit something challenging: a sweater or mittens or stripey stocks (or all three!)
3. Make Nana's homemade pasta and meatballs.
4. See these movies: Brother Sun, Sister Moon; The Agony and the Ecstacy, Waking Life, Supersize Me.
5. Lose one inch from my waist.
I've tried stomach crunches, the Tupler technique (stopped when I figured out I don't have a diastasis at all), next is taking up running. If I am meant to not have my pre-baby bod, that's okay, I just wanted to give it a fighting chance. I'm 95% there.
6. Take up yoga again, possibly Pilates.
7. Make a puppet FOR MYSELF.
8. Sew at least one article of clothing.
Started making a shirt I will quite possibly never wear in public. :)
9. Be more confident about traveling alone.
Traveled to NY by myself and almost threw up. Still working on it.
10. Start taking care of my skin.
11. Donate artwork for charity.
Done. Created with the fabulouso Allyson Murphy, a logo and stationery for Alive in Truth, The New Orleans Disaster Oral History and Memory Project.
12. Figure out printing resources and sell prints.  
13. Clean out my closets and donate/get rid of clothes that don't fit.
Heck yesh! I even went to Snowflake's clothing exchange and traded in my 80's flowery things for a little white let's-go-out-to-dinner dress.
14. Go to the dentist.
15. Get a physical.
16. Look up a word when I don't know it.
I should keep a list - I am still lazy about this. When you look up stuff, you remember great words like "coprolite", which is a word for pertified poop. Makes a good insult!

Drink 8 glasses of water a day.
working on this. I thought that staying hydrated would be good for my skin, but guess what? It's not! Water is good for your health, but you can't moisturize from the inside out.

18. Call friends and go out more, with the family and without.
Doing this much more often.
19. Redo my entire website.

Stop watching TV that's boring/mindless internet surfing.

21. Record a song — either with Paul, or by myself, a cappella, in parts.
22. Get Christmas stuff done very early so I can enjoy Christmas.
Heck yesh!
23. Keep up the morning pages/journaling every day.
24. Have more of my artwork hanging up around the house.  
25. Fix up studio the way I want it.
Cleaned, organized, and working on hanging up pictures.
26. Fix up purple room (the room I work in) the way I want it.
Room is cleaned out, sketches for window seat to come!
27. Stand up straight; work on my posture.
28. Make sock monkeys for the kids!
29. Sell out the rest of my Christmas cards.
Nope. Dang.

Write in Peter's, Angela's and Sophie's journals.

31. (Private painting note - will post when it's done.)
32. (Another private painting note - will post when it's done.)
33. Get schedule set up for better workflow regarding home projects and correspondence.
34. Smile a whole lot more, and sing as much as I want in public, no matter how many strange looks I get in the supermarket!
I sing harmony now in the supermarket. And dance sometimes.

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