These pictures are from Paul’s 3rd annual Earth Day with his studio. The kids and their parents cleaned up the park, and then they planted a dogwood tree and flowers donated by the studio. We brought coffee, donuts, iced tea, soccer balls and a frisbee, and lots and lots of chalk! I started out by chalking “Adopt the secret of nature: her secret is patience.” {Ralph Waldo Emerson} and asked the kids to draw things they’d find in nature. Well! They drew flowers, trees, a snowstorm, lightning, a rainbow, bugs, butterflies... you name it! Heidi and Glenn came by and gave us sea creatures – a crab, a whale, and a picture of my ancient goldfish, Archie. It was an exuberant and colorfully joyous celebration of nature that took up a good portion of the path. We sat in the gazebo, finishing off the coffee and watching the happy reactions of the families passing by who discovered the drawings. {Yay!}

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