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Today's topic: Moon-Gazing

The moon is my friend.

I make it a point to always look up at her, on cloudy nights, clear nights, starry nights. I've written poetry about the moon (not good, but I was inspired, anyway). The author/artist SARK mentions, "Swing as high as you can, on a swingset, by moonlight," and I really have! And when I had a third-floor apartment, I would leave all the blinds up at night so the bedroom would be filled with silvery moonlight all night long. The moon has always charmed me; I have been known to serenade her, either in the car or out in the yard. When serenading the moon, you naturally want to sing songs that mention her by name. My favorites are:

The Voyage of the Moon by Donavan (the moon is a boat that travels to different worlds)
Age of Aquarius from Hair (I sang this in my parents' yard on a night when Jupiter actually was aligned with Mars)
I Don't Want to Live on the Moon from Sesame Street (you'd like to visit, but you don't necessarily want to live there)
Moondance by Van Morrison (Paul and even I danced to this in the supermarket aisle once)

When I started dating my husband, he sang a song to me one night about the moon that was a lullaby that his mother sang to him when he was a baby. So I knew he was a kindred spirit — he'll often take me over to the window to point out how beautiful the moon is. I kidnapped him one night and drove him to the top of a hill where we could see a giant yellow harvest moon tangled amidst the tree limbs. And the biggest moon we've ever seen was in Mexico on our honeymoon, where the moon was about the size of an orange in the sky and it looked like you could pick it.

When's the last time you spent some time looking up at the sky? Can you recognize any constellations? Did you know that a ring around the moon is a sign of precipitation the next day? Watch the skies some night, or sit in a moonlit room one night with all the lights off, or have a moon picnic, or go moon-bathing! Savor the moon, in all her phases. The sky's the limit!


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