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Tuesday, December 18, 2001

It's Christmas Card Central over here. I'm printing, stickering, gold-and-silver-penning, labeling, addressing. I'm surrounded by gel pens, star stickers, and address lists. It's thrilling! Very, very soon, the card will be up online [I want to give the cards in the mail a fighting chance first!]

fun Christmasy links:
Why we smooch under the mistletoe
What flavor are you? [My results: Yum! You're peppermint. Fresh, classic, and crisp, you're as tasty as they come.]

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Monday, December 17, 2001

Today was not my first day back in New York, but it was my first day back on public transporation.

At Penn Station, a whole wall of a corridor was covered with red, white and blue craft paper. Thousands of signatures, prayers, and wishes were penned in every handwriting imaginable; from the scrawl of a kindergartner to a teen's bubbly script to the shaky penmanship of a senior. Photos, photocopies, artwork, and flowers were pinned up. Rosaries hung here and there from pushpins. Nowhere did we see curses, slurs, four-letter words, paper ripped off. Only well wishes, prayers, and appearing so many times, "I'm sorry."

Mrs. Jones's fourth grade class wrote a book of poetry that I could not bring myself to open for fear that I would certainly lose it right there in the corridor. Brightly laminated butterflies covered one section, as if their wings could carry the prayers right up to heaven.

It was — all of it — breathtakingly beautiful.

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Sunday, December 16, 2001

We had a really fun day yesterday... helping celebrate my godson's 4th birthday during the day, and at night, going to the George Winston concert.

Joey’s birthday party was lots of fun. We must have played at least 7 games of “Go Fish” with him. He loves telling you to go fish in this tone of voice that implies that you must be crazy if you think he’s got a card for you. We got him a mini-aquarium that holds about a gallon of water. He wasn’t interested once he realized that the fish on the outside of the box wasn’t there right NOW. The biggest hit was from Grandpa Ken, who got him this year’s Hess helicopter with a little truck and motorcycle inside. I think everyone was on the floor playing with that thing at one point or another that day. It was nice to spend the day with [almost] the whole family all together, and to get to see my brother’s latest animations.

In the evening we went to see George Winston’s Winter concert... we like to go every year; it’s a good way to take a break from all the craziness that seems to descend around this time of year, and just enjoy some beautiful music. We were able to go backstage after the concert and say hello [we’d met him before]. When it was our turn to say hi, he gave me a big hug and said “And this is the painter!” I’m amazed that he remembered that! We, and the 5 or 6 others there, chatted about music, cats, Paul’s studio, bacon, travel, the World Trade Center, and yes, even french toast. I was dubbed “Pixie” and he said he’d look at our websites! I’m so honored....

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