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Thursday, February 07, 2002

Update: Lodged an abuse complaint and it's being investigated. In the course of fixing the site and making sure this doesn't happen again, it may be down for a day. Don't worry.... it doesn't necessarily mean the baddies have gotten in again.

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I was doing okay until last night around 11:30 when I found my website had been hacked. (Either that, or my hosting company decided to remove most of the files and not tell me!) I was able to replace 99% of it, but a lot of the links to the graphics are screwed up and not working right, and I THOUGHT I lost my journal. (I am backing that up with a vengeance right now). I'm trying really hard to get it all back, but I just don't have time for this right now. (Last night I was really, really upset. This morning... I figure it could have been worse and I'm pretty good about backing up, I just don't have time to look through the whole site and figure out why a graphic that's there isn't showing up.) Anyway, all of that has absolutely nothing to do with my retreat, it's just another (BIG) distraction.

This morning on Sesame Street, Ray Romano and Grover taught the concept of "frustrated." It fit pretty well.

On the other hand, I did have Paul there, offering his Snoopy comic books last night, and playing me funny MP3s this morning to make me laugh. (We now have the skit where Cookie Monster goes to to the library to get a box of cookies. After the frustrated librarian explains for the 97th time that there are no cookies, only books, Cookie Monster exclaims, "OH! Me get it now. Me want BOOK about cookies... and glass of milk.")

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Wednesday, February 06, 2002

I had to call my own answering machine {or answerphone, if you're British} and listen to my own voice relaying a long message about repairs to my car. I wasn't expecting it and it made me listen almost as if I were some impersonal third party. It was very odd.

I sounded like I have a cold, which I maybe do. I sounded a little weary and tired, even though what I was saying was cheerful. I didn't sound like I always think I sound; in my head I always picture myself vocally as being some witty lass from channel 13 or NPR being breezy and cheery. Don't ask me why.

Once upon a long ago I found a tape of myself from college, talking off the cuff, which I must have sent to someone. I listened to it, facsinated. I sounded fun, exciting, cheerful. I giggled. I wanted to know and befriend that girl on the tape. I couldn't believe that was me.

Now, caught on tape again, I want to buy that tape-girl of today a mug of hot chocolate and take her out for some Thai food and listen to her problems.

linkage: just in case you were going to send me this, I already have it, thanks:
'Sesame Street' gets big repaving
{thanks to Mary and Tough Pigs and Muppet Central... the source for insider Muppet news.}
Frank Oz pilots ABC comedy
{thanks, Heidi}

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Tuesday, February 05, 2002

Another life lesson.

I'm doing a retreat. It's this weekend. I am giving a talk on Renewal. I have also helped with artwork, emailing files hither and yon, music, singing, making CDs, writing, you name it. I have been feeling a little (!) on the stressed side, trying to get all this stuff done for Friday night.

Yesterday morning, I listened to the radio while I was eating breakfast, and heard a mini-sermon on how sometimes you think you're doing God's work, but you may be focusing on all the wrong stuff.

And then it hit me God definitely does not want me to be getting stressed about making 80 CDs by Thursday. He wants me to be relaxing in a bubble bath, thinking about my talk and resting. After I had this thought, I got a call that someone had volunteered to burn ALL the CDs for us, and to give him as many as we needed. If that wasn't an answered prayer, I don't know what is.

The point of this weekend isn't the music, the themed T-shirts, the food it's about letting God into your life. I got caught up in all the trappings of making the weekend special, and was in real danger of forgetting what really made the weekend special for me when I went on it a year ago.

So, boys and girls, if you're the praying sort, please say a prayer for me giving my talk on Friday night. Good thoughts/vibes/wishes gratefully accepted too. Thanks.

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Monday, February 04, 2002

Wanted to blog this weekend, but the cable was down AGAIN. Actually, I needed to do a bunch of stuff online this weekend, but 'twas not to be. Blah. Thank God for the connection at work.

It's PRI movie night tonight: we're watching this movie....

ps ~ since Saturday, it's been 6 years since my husband proposed to me. I love happy endings.

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