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Thursday, August 22, 2002

I'm sleepy and still have to make trays of baked ziti, so I'm short on energy right now. However, this is true:

you're parents were lucky with you. you're sweet.
innocent. helpful. and cute.
what kind of child were you?
(brought you by april)

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Wednesday, August 21, 2002

I don't get this whole "American Idol" craze.

First off, where is the fun in seeing talented people pour their hearts out on stage only to get trashed by Simon, the Nazi judge? I know he's controversial, and probably the only reason this show gets ratings, but I don't get any pleasure in seeing people's dreams get ripped apart. It's just plain evil. {I'm sure that's also reality, but there's a reason I'm not in showbiz.}

I heard him on the car radio this morning when a station was having a contest that he was judging. I sang 30 seconds of "New York State of Mind" to myself in the car, knew I would have beat both the contestants on the radio, didn't want the prize anyway, and turned off the radio in disgust. That show reminds me of the Harry Chapin song, "Mr. Tanner." I'll keep singing for joy, thank you.

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Tuesday, August 20, 2002

I just found out that Matt Robinson passed away. He was the original Gordon on Sesame Street and also Roosevelt Franklin, one of my all-time favorite muppets. We had the "My Name is Roosevelt Franklin" album growing up and we used to sing and dance around to it. What I never understood until I got older was that almost all the songs were about racial equality. I just liked the songs and thought they all applied to me too, a little white girl in the suburbs. I think that was their point exactly.

So last night I took out the record and listened {and boogied down} to my two favorites from the album: here are the liner notes from the back of the record.

The Skin I'm In: That's Baby Ray singing about how happy he is about the color of his skin and what he looks like and what his family looks like. And you should be happy about your skin, too.

Days of the Week: They are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. When my friends and I get through with this song we make those days get up and sit down and turn around upside down. {I love this song any time we eat eggs I have to sing "Woke up Tuesday, ate my grits and eggs. I put shoes on my feet, but first, I put socks on my legs." I also love that the kids want to know the days of the week and Roosevelt Franklin agrees only if they'll get him a plate of string beans.}

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Monday, August 19, 2002

(Sigh) Lots of hiking, lots of time spent with the hubby, and a teeny little bit of journaling. So much for the all-knitting, all-painting extravaganza.

I get really frustrated when I have all these good ideas buzzing around in my head, and no time to put it all down. If I didn't need to sleep or eat, what a lot of great stuff I could do! The only thing is, I happen to like eating and sleeping an awful lot. Somewhere there's got to be a balance and I will be looking for it diligently.

I had a birthday this past week, and the chance to get all introspective, and the one truth I came up with is this: if I have another year that was as filled with living as last year -- and some parts of it were very hard to get through and some parts were just glorious -- I will be pretty darn happy. I have a good feeling this year will be quite event-filled and exciting.

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