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Friday, September 20, 2002

Listening to Beatles, Beatles, and more Beatles today. In the car, I'm listening to the Rutles, which I know is not officially the Beatles but is like finding a hidden vault of very clever and silly Beatles songs. Now at work, I've got the illegal somebody-bought-it-for-$10-on-the-train-CD that has every Beatles album on it, pretty much. I'm not overly concerned about the illegalness of it all since I already own all these albums anyway. If the folks at work are lucky I won't start singing along until, say, 10 o'clock.

In other news: tomorrow is the International Day of Peace. Spend it chalking. Spend it in bed. Spend it singing. Just do something.

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Tuesday, September 17, 2002

I am now caught up in the dilemma of having some really creative and exciting things to do, and when I come home from work, all I want to do is sleep. I have one wonderful project I'm working on, and the second I think I have everything figured out about how to do it, some detail comes up that I hadn't thought of yet. I make my lists, and then there are 15 zillion other little mini spin-off lists that I still have to deal with before I can scratch the first thing off the list. It's frustrating. Once I finally get it done, everyone will look at it and think, that's what all the agonizing was about? I have to remind myself: baby steps. Micromovements.

On an interesting note: I have now eaten pickles and ice cream together. Not in the same bowl, but within a few hours of each other. This is such a stereotypical thing to do that it scares me on a certain level, and yet it fascinates me. As Homer Simpson said, "Disgusting..... yet straaaaaaaaaaaaangely compelling."

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