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Thursday, October 10, 2002

Woo hoo! At last, I'm in style as big hair makes a comeback. They think this is big? I can top this without even trying. My hair did look like Gwyneth's when I left the house this morning... but then the rain and humidity set in and I wound up looking more like Foxxy Cleopatra from Austin Powers.

I am determined to get my hair cut, but also scared. I only get it cut about once every year and a half, so I don't have a regular person I go to. Do I go to SuperCuts and get a $15 haircut and tell them just to thin it out and trim it? Or do I do my homework and go to a classy salon and get a $60 cut (and tell them just to thin it out and trim it)? I don't want to lose the length, just make it less Foxxy.

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Wednesday, October 09, 2002

Happy Birthday to John Lennon, who would have been 62 today, and Nana, who would have been 96 today.

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Monday, October 07, 2002

Since lately I've been feeling a wee but overwhelmed, it's been amazing how much feedback I've been getting from the universe. Not because I asked, just because I've been noticing. Alex, Kevin, and Melissa are all saying NO for a little while and taking time to replenish the sources by doing things that recharge them. They're all taking a break. So from them, I'm learning that I might not need to do every single solitary thing I think up. I think the fact that I got this message from three separate sources in the same week says something.

I'm also learning Step 2 of planning: it ain't enough to simply make a nicely detailed list in my Handspring. Every item needs to make it from the list to a day of the week, a blocked out period of time with a little alarm on it to remind me that it's art time. I had a full but productive weekend, because I planned when to work on my project, and then when I could happily stop and go play with Paul or the cat next door.

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