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Saturday, February 15, 2003

We got back from the hospital last night -- the procedure worked fine and the baby is now head-down! The baby is healthy, has a good strong heartbeat, and we were sent home.


I have been having mild contractions, and there was a while there where they thought I would stay at the hospital, but I'm not any further dilated and I can't really feel the contractions, so they sent us home. As soon as the contractions get painful and last for an hour, we call the doctor and go to the hospital; they do another ultrasound to make sure the baby stayed head down and then we take it from there. According to the doctors and nurse, they think real labor could start within 48 hours, so we could be getting verrrrrrrrrry close....

So -- please keep praying, and thank you for all the prayers you've sent so far, for this weekend and all throughout this pregnancy. We know they're working!

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Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Baby news....Our checkup today revealed that the baby is fine and healthy, but in the breech position. The doctor thinks that there’s not too much of a chance that he is going to flip around because he’s (or she's) very well-settled where he is and getting bigger all the time. The alternative is that we can wait and see what happens, but there is a good chance right now that I’ll definitely need a c-section and I would REALLY like to avoid that if possible. So, at the doctor’s recommendation, we’re going into the hospital Friday morning (yup, Valentine's Day) to see if they can turn the baby around. The only thing is that there's a possibility that I could go into labor.... in which case we'd have a very special Valentine!

So….. please pray for all of us on Friday, Valentine’s Day, that everything will work out the way it’s supposed to, whatever that may be. No matter what happens or when it happens (the baby could be born Friday or in 3 weeks – who knows!) we’ll be ready to welcome this new little baby.

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Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Zapatos de ratas! My wrestler is maravilloso! With the fire of a thousand red hot suns, I challenge you to beat it! Let's lucha!
Make your own! Watch out or I'll sit on you!

Sent from the marvelous mind of Snowflake... or should I call her Solar Flair?

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As we're getting closer to The Big Day, I've been working more and more from home. Yesterday was such a day.... me, a laptop, and a hubby who made me cinnamon buns that made the whole house smell just incredible. (Incidentally, we call the baby the cinnabun... and the date on the can of buns we had yesterday was March 2, my due date! Synchronicity....)

In other news, I finally finished the baby blanket I've been knitting for 4 months, late last night. It's pale yellow, with a bit of a decorative edge. I thought for sure I would have this thing in the delivery room with me, determined as all get-out to have it finished before the baby made an appearance. Phew. I keep picturing this little wiggly baby wrapped up snug in it, warm against the winter cold. I can't wait.

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