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Today is my brother’s birthday, who many of you know but have no idea is my brother. I think he is a super-genius. (Actually, he’s a member of Mensa, so maybe he is a super-genius!) He features his weirder nature on his blog, and I think doesn’t show as much of the sweetness and caring that goes into his whole being. Whereas I tend to post about a lot of sweet stuff, and hardly post at all about weirdness. It's there, I just don't blog about it. :)

We used to dress in matching sweaters and tell people we were twins, when we weren’t killing each other and devising new plans to make the other’s life miserable. It took the two of us living very far away from each other to really become friends – he joined the army, I went to college, and we made a lot of long-distance calls and sent wacky letters. My parents still have one in a photo album where I had sent a letter to him in the army. On the front of the envelope was a sticker of Captain Kirk looking all manly, and I made a balloon coming out of his mouth saying something like, “Sulu, deliver this letter at warp speed to:” and then his address. We saved it because some postal worker with a sense of humor hand-cancelled the letter with a stamp of The Enterprise, bearing some legend about boldly going where no man had gone before…

I could write about 50 posts on the subject of how he continually messed with telemarketers, his adventures as Paper Clip Man going incognito in downtown B’ville, the fact that at 17 he could grow a beard in 2 days and get served at a bar (he stopped them in time), and many of his other wacky adventures. There are things in this world that I know are so zany that only he has the same appreciation for it that I do. Paul appreciates this and says “Go share it with your brother.”

Through all the weirdness, we have always deep down loved each other. Even though Dad never got his dream of the two of us being the next Donnie and Marie to happen, Laughing Boy, you are still a little bit rock and roll. And a little bit Koozbane.

Check out my brother's movies here, and some art here.

ps ~ Yesterday was my fabulously talented and sweet brother-in-law's birthday - you can check out his music here and here and here.

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