Sunday, November 05, 2006 10:53 AM

How I Met the Boy

Because you asked... Many many many years ago, after I graduated from college, my bud Snowflake and I decided to keep on being roomies. We chose Westfield because it was about halfway between our two jobs. I'd never been there, but she promised I'd love it.

After we were all moved in, I started looking for a church to go to, and picked up the phone book. Regardless of the fact that there was a Catholic church across the street from me, I chose Saint Helen's and started attending. (We now look upon this as a sign of divine intervention.) Of course I wanted to join the choir! I showed up at the first meeting in September.

I sat alone all the way in the front pew, mainly because I was used to sitting in the front, and I thought that would be a good way to meet new people. Because I didn't just want to sing, I had high hopes of meeting a nice musical Catholic boy. (Mind you, I had previously dated someone who turned out to be a not-very-nice-at-all musical Catholic boy that I met in the choir, for 5 years, so this proves what an optimist I am.)

Someone slid into the pew next to me, and the meeting started up. There was a short break where we were encouraged to say hello to the person next to you, and I found out his name was Paul, he was a teacher, and for some reason, we started talking about Macintosh computers. He loved them. I casually dropped that I worked on one every day. The conversation bloomed from there. We kept sneaking peeks at each other for the rest of the meeting, and afterwards, he pressed me for my phone number. (This is not as cheesy as it sounds; he heard me sing and I invited him to out next gig. He wanted to call me "for directions." Yeah, right!)

For the next few days, I gushed about Paul, the sweet boy in the choir, to anyone who would listen. One night after a rehearsal, Snowflake excitedly told me, "Go look on your bed!" My stuffed Kermit was propped up holding a sign that said, "PAUL CALLED!" and the rest was history.

ps ~ I found out later that Paul decided to sit next to me because he liked my hair (which was probably all he could see of me when he walked into the room) and that when he got home from that meeting, his mom asked if he met any pretty girls, and he told her yes!

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