Wednesday, November 14, 2007 9:08 PM

Scenes from a craft show

See the magnets on the tree? Cute, no?

So I've had time to think more about it. And I've decided that what I am is confused. What people were most interested in was not what was already in frames, but loose prints I had in a notebook. Or prints in frames, but not that size, bigger. Or something else. Why didn't I have cards? (I do have lovely cards, they just don't have fairies or unicorns on them.) Oh, you should make different cards. You should do invitations for children's parties. You should have this, but not so big, and more of them. Because all your work is so great, and you are so talented, and your prices are just amazing, but just not THIS, exactly... Something else. And what gallery are you showing in? You're kidding! Why aren't you in a gallery, yet?

So does it make sense that I'm sort of reeling right now? :)

Seriously, I am not complaining. All this means is that there are possibilites for my art out the wazoo, which I have always known and always believed in. Next time, I would just bring whatever loose prints I had around, a laptop, and some order forms. And I could say, "Oh, Italy? Come look at this." Or, "Your daughter's room? Okay, how about these four, you could frame them together over the crib." I would get lots more sleep, and be able to show lots more of my artwork. (Michelle says I should think about licensing. Maybe she's right!)

If anyone wants dibs on something in the photos, let me know! I'm hoping to get everything set up in the store very soon (tomorrow? maybe?) but if you see something you like, speak up, peoples! And if you're feeling in a slump about the reception to your artwork, take heart, and try to think of the possibilities. I'm rooting for you too.

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