Monday, November 19, 2007 9:29 PM

Why my hubby ROCKS!

Last weekend, after the craft fair, I asked Paul to take photos of each of my framed prints so that I could add them to my store. I knew if I did it, everything would have a glare on it and be blurry, and he's so much better at it. So first thing Monday morning, while he was watching the kids, he took lovely photos like this (more after the pics):

and then made sure they were all in iPhoto so I could access them right away.

Then he started setting up a mini-art show in the entryway of his studio, with a price list, a sign about me, and a set of my business cards. (I didn't even want him to put the artwork out because I was afraid it would be obnoxious! ) But this week, because they were right in front of people, I sold two of my largest pieces. I heard him telling a parent who walked in and asked about them, "Oh, didn't you know my wife is an artist? She just had an art show and these are a few pieces she didn't sell, so you have a chance to buy them here if you want." Can I tell you what I would have said? "Oh, the craft fair was so hard, and I have all these pieces left over, and maybe you might know someone who wants one... um, and I could give you a huge discount, I guess." Arrrrrgh! I am SO not great at selling myself! I should totally just walk around with Paul and let him talk for me, all the time, and then I could just paint.

He has also:
- weighed my paintings and calculated all the postage for me
- hand-painted some of the frames (along with my awesome Dad)
- never, ever said that we are spending too much money on artwork, and in fact encouraged me to think about printing NEW all-occasion cards
- got me a newer computer on eBay, souped it up, and had it switched with my old one (the screen was turning green!) within a week, and with me losing NO work time at all
- watched the kids more times than I can count so I can paint

Is it any wonder I love this man? His support, and the support and love of my family is what keeps me going every day.

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